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Stress Reliever Moondrop Toy

Brand : moondrop

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3 Days

Supply capacity : 100000 Set/Month


Gravity defying desk toy that imitates the free fall on Mars and Moon. Amazing laws of physics combined with precision machining.

Designed with science in mind and crafted using amazing laws of physics Moondrop seemingly defies gravity and let's you explore the free fall on the Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadjets you will enjoy playing around with it.

What makes it really unique is it actually displays different gravity than it is on Earth. Made from Aerospace grade materials, equipped with super precise slider Moondrop is a very satisfying fidgeting toy as well. You can flip it, slide it, spin it and fidget any way you like.

Why we call it "Moondrop"?

Ever wanted to drop something on the Moon? Well, this is your chance.

Originally we designed Moondrop to imitate the Lunar gravity. It is precisely calculated so vertically falling slider moves at similar speed like you were dropping any object on the lunar surface. The gravity on the Moon is 1,6 m/s虏 which is only about 1/6th of that on Earth. Since there is vacuum on the moon there is also no air resistance- this makes any object no matter how big free fall in the same speed. How cool is that?

Moondrop ''Earth'', ''Mars'' and ''Lunar'' versions VS actual free fall on the Moon
During the prototyping process idea evolved and we created the second version with copper slider that imitates the free fall on the Mars. You can compare the Gravity between all three- Earth, Mars and Moon.

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